Competition and Conserts...

Ok, What have I bine up to?

Well photographing two local bands kicking of their Europe tour, that is super cool!

Then a BJJ or Brazilian Ju-Jitsu competition Poseidon Open, three went from my BJJ club and we came home with three silver medals!

Then it was back to reality photographing…Busses, well public transport. But that made me go into Photoshop.  

C-41 Frome B&W to Coloure... Oy.

LOMOGRAPHY or Lomo, the newest “Hipster” boom in the Photography world… I think I have never seen such a Love/Hate thing as Lomo. But why?! In my opinion Lomo is a insanely brilliant way to keep film photography going. Yes I have to confess: I don’t care so much about the Lomo cameras like the Russian LOMO, Hong Kong HOLGA or the Diana. But the medium they use: Film I can get 100% behind. To take expired 120 or 35mm film B&W or colour is a bit fascinating. And before you start about the “Rules of Lomography” well… I don’t care! I like the concept but I want to use a quality camera like my Mamiya 645 Pro or Mamiya RB-67 Professional, but I can dig the notion of using expired film, looking at different websites like etc. the results of LOMO film and expired film can yield some really cool and interesting results… When Kodak stopped making the Aerochrome  false colour infrared film LOMO made the LomoChrome Purple XR, a colour film that mimics the effect of  Kodak Aerochrome. So I think LOMOGRAPHY has a good chance to succeed in todays “over digitised” world.

Yes there is more to it with using film then digital, but film has a seiten something that digital just don´t have…I can’t put my finger on it but it is cool.    


Another hectic weekend... Still loving/needing the hustle.

Well another hectic weekend with a work and little sleep, but if you love what you do to the degree that you can do it for free. Then who cares! Life is way to short to mope around wondering on what could have bin.

Wooh… I am starting to sound like “Joe Photographer”. No it is not all grate to go out photographing, when things happen in the blink of an eye and the end result has to measure up, you better not mess it up. But that is part of the exhilarating challenge with photography. Even if you are going 250km/h down a deed end road. You see success stories like Garry Vee, PewDiePie and The Nostalgia Critic and others and you want to compete… No. just no. I don´t even want to go into that delusional discussion.

I had a grate but exhausting weekend, shooting two bands and a national athletics event in Stockholm and I am proud of it… if a photographer Senpie like Zack Arias could be happy shooting toilets for “” then I am happy photographing Metal bands and Ju-Jitsu championships, it is genuinely cool! Side not: I am a BJJ practitioner myself so I appreciate/love the sport.

So Nordic Open in Brazilian Ji-Jitsu was a real cool event.

So what were the bands…?

Well the first I have shoot before: MOTH a (according to their Facebook) Crossover, Metal, Hardcore band.

The second act… oh boy, how to describe these guys… you know the sticker “Parental Guidance Explicit Content”? Well the band Skitarg Translated into English: Shit-Angry . A band with song names like “Jag bryter nacken av din häst” English: ”I brke the neck of your horse” and members looking like family members of Heath Ledger´s version of The Joker you might get an image of what you are in fore… They are a band in the genre: “Clown Metal”, it was an experience way outside the boundaries of “ordinary”.


Wow…Hectic weekend and I love it!

Just as I said hectic weekend when it came to photography.

Saturday evening: concert shoot at Rack´n´Roll, photographing “We Are Authority” and “The False Sheppard”. Cool bands and heavy music (METAL!).  Then Sunday, gong to a Motor Show taking pics of Drifters and Stunt Motorcyclists. And now sitting and editing in Lightroom6…    

StoneRider and life in genneral.

Well, last Sunday I had the opportunity to photograph a brilliant band from Atlanta: StonRider.

It was a brilliant performance, but unfortunately during a hockey night so the attendance was low…well there loss, because the show was awesome. Just search Stonerider TV on You Tube and see for yourself.

The thing I started to realise was the lesson from Tray Ratcliff senpai. At his TEDx talk he talked about Patric Steward and how the right people show up for you… this was one of those moments. By doing a little bit of backtracking you can see how you might stumble into situations when you less expect it. This was a “sliding in on a Banana peal” situation that I am weary grateful for.

Fanboying... or whatewer.

 Well, when you might be feeling down or not really…Driven to go out into the world and make a picture. I look to this guy, among others. Mr. HDR himself, Trey Ratcliff senpai. This is his TEDx talk made into a “chose you own adventure story”. Really worth a watch.


Ok, so today one band that I have photographed times plenty and they are only getting better for every time I see them: Mass Diversity is going on there first Gig abroad, so I would like to wish them all the best. And brake a leg out there!

Look under MUSIC on my page and you will see 3 albums with them!

Gliding on a Banana peal...

There is a Swedish saying: “Jag halkade in på ett Bananskal.” Wich translated into English becomes: “I glided in on a Banana peal.” It refers to you just stumbling into a situation by bure luck! And that is exactly what happened to me and photography… I newer thought in a million years that I would be able to even get the opportunity to photograph live music, yes I do it because I love it and no I don’t get payed... But it is worth the experience alone!

How did I get in to photography in the first place? Well I was going threw a closet and found my dad´s old Nikon F-801 35mm camera, and I thought: “Why are we not using this?!” The next thing I did as many do today: I went on You Tube and had a look around about photography and I found a tall American with greyish white hare looking like a combination of Steve Martin and Anderson Cooper… This was Tony Northrup, a former Microsoft instruction book author turned internet photography teacher extraordinaire. With his wife Chelsea, producer Justin Eckert, screener Siobhan Kyle (and sometimes guest star daughter Madeline). After seeing a few of there videos I went straight on to and bought their book: “Stunning Digital Photography” often referred to as SDP. I loved the book, you can see Tony´s distinct style that he writes it all as techniques, noting is camera specific … if that makes sense? I doesn’t matter if you are a Canon or Nikon…or Fuji or Sony  user. You can still get a lot out of this book.

After reading the book back to back I needed a camera to use… well since I had my dad´s old F-801 I knew it had to be a Nikon…But what model? Luckily for me another You Tube photographer came to the rescue The Philadelphia motor mouth with the big afro: Jared Polin and his channel “Fro Known Photo”. Jared is a motor mouth in every sense of the word, but what comes out is real world hard info about what he is currently testing, reviewing ore in general talking about. And I began to lean towards a D610 full frame, but when I was at the store I grabbed a APSC sensor Nikon D7200 instead with the 18-140mm kit lens. And I haven’t regretted that decision one bit.

In the beginning it was mostly family outings, holidays etc. You know the usual snapshot thing, but then when I started to listen more to some YouTube photographers I started to hear the same thing repeated over and over: Lightroom… Lightroom, Lightroom, Lightroom. A program made by Adobe that was a more picture developing version of Photoshop. So I bought myself a copy of Lightroom6 and I was lucky! After I bought my copy Adobe announced the stop of production of hard copies of Lightroom and Photoshop in favour of subscription based App called Lightroom CC.

So now I had the camera, a few dissent lenses and a grate editing software.

Now the only problem is…What do I photo?!

Well how I glided in on that Banana Peal, that´s a story for another day ;-)          

First post! - Stonerider Live in Consert.

So this is my first Blog post….how to do this properly? Well last Sunday evening I was at a really grate concert featuring North-American band Stone rider. Their music was fantastic, imagine Pink Floyd crossed with Santana…But that doesn’t give them justices  because they did their own thing. Anyway if you look under my tad: Music you can have a look at the STONERIDER tab and have a look at what the evening accomplished photographically ;-) Really nice cool cats playing in the band and as a thank you note I gave them some pictures on social media.  Rock On!