Another hectic weekend... Still loving/needing the hustle.

Well another hectic weekend with a work and little sleep, but if you love what you do to the degree that you can do it for free. Then who cares! Life is way to short to mope around wondering on what could have bin.

Wooh… I am starting to sound like “Joe Photographer”. No it is not all grate to go out photographing, when things happen in the blink of an eye and the end result has to measure up, you better not mess it up. But that is part of the exhilarating challenge with photography. Even if you are going 250km/h down a deed end road. You see success stories like Garry Vee, PewDiePie and The Nostalgia Critic and others and you want to compete… No. just no. I don´t even want to go into that delusional discussion.

I had a grate but exhausting weekend, shooting two bands and a national athletics event in Stockholm and I am proud of it… if a photographer Senpie like Zack Arias could be happy shooting toilets for “” then I am happy photographing Metal bands and Ju-Jitsu championships, it is genuinely cool! Side not: I am a BJJ practitioner myself so I appreciate/love the sport.

So Nordic Open in Brazilian Ji-Jitsu was a real cool event.

So what were the bands…?

Well the first I have shoot before: MOTH a (according to their Facebook) Crossover, Metal, Hardcore band.

The second act… oh boy, how to describe these guys… you know the sticker “Parental Guidance Explicit Content”? Well the band Skitarg Translated into English: Shit-Angry . A band with song names like “Jag bryter nacken av din häst” English: ”I brke the neck of your horse” and members looking like family members of Heath Ledger´s version of The Joker you might get an image of what you are in fore… They are a band in the genre: “Clown Metal”, it was an experience way outside the boundaries of “ordinary”.