C-41 Frome B&W to Coloure... Oy.

LOMOGRAPHY or Lomo, the newest “Hipster” boom in the Photography world… I think I have never seen such a Love/Hate thing as Lomo. But why?! In my opinion Lomo is a insanely brilliant way to keep film photography going. Yes I have to confess: I don’t care so much about the Lomo cameras like the Russian LOMO, Hong Kong HOLGA or the Diana. But the medium they use: Film I can get 100% behind. To take expired 120 or 35mm film B&W or colour is a bit fascinating. And before you start about the “Rules of Lomography” well… I don’t care! I like the concept but I want to use a quality camera like my Mamiya 645 Pro or Mamiya RB-67 Professional, but I can dig the notion of using expired film, looking at different websites like Lomography.com etc. the results of LOMO film and expired film can yield some really cool and interesting results… When Kodak stopped making the Aerochrome  false colour infrared film LOMO made the LomoChrome Purple XR, a colour film that mimics the effect of  Kodak Aerochrome. So I think LOMOGRAPHY has a good chance to succeed in todays “over digitised” world.

Yes there is more to it with using film then digital, but film has a seiten something that digital just don´t have…I can’t put my finger on it but it is cool.