Gliding on a Banana peal...

There is a Swedish saying: “Jag halkade in på ett Bananskal.” Wich translated into English becomes: “I glided in on a Banana peal.” It refers to you just stumbling into a situation by bure luck! And that is exactly what happened to me and photography… I newer thought in a million years that I would be able to even get the opportunity to photograph live music, yes I do it because I love it and no I don’t get payed... But it is worth the experience alone!

How did I get in to photography in the first place? Well I was going threw a closet and found my dad´s old Nikon F-801 35mm camera, and I thought: “Why are we not using this?!” The next thing I did as many do today: I went on You Tube and had a look around about photography and I found a tall American with greyish white hare looking like a combination of Steve Martin and Anderson Cooper… This was Tony Northrup, a former Microsoft instruction book author turned internet photography teacher extraordinaire. With his wife Chelsea, producer Justin Eckert, screener Siobhan Kyle (and sometimes guest star daughter Madeline). After seeing a few of there videos I went straight on to and bought their book: “Stunning Digital Photography” often referred to as SDP. I loved the book, you can see Tony´s distinct style that he writes it all as techniques, noting is camera specific … if that makes sense? I doesn’t matter if you are a Canon or Nikon…or Fuji or Sony  user. You can still get a lot out of this book.

After reading the book back to back I needed a camera to use… well since I had my dad´s old F-801 I knew it had to be a Nikon…But what model? Luckily for me another You Tube photographer came to the rescue The Philadelphia motor mouth with the big afro: Jared Polin and his channel “Fro Known Photo”. Jared is a motor mouth in every sense of the word, but what comes out is real world hard info about what he is currently testing, reviewing ore in general talking about. And I began to lean towards a D610 full frame, but when I was at the store I grabbed a APSC sensor Nikon D7200 instead with the 18-140mm kit lens. And I haven’t regretted that decision one bit.

In the beginning it was mostly family outings, holidays etc. You know the usual snapshot thing, but then when I started to listen more to some YouTube photographers I started to hear the same thing repeated over and over: Lightroom… Lightroom, Lightroom, Lightroom. A program made by Adobe that was a more picture developing version of Photoshop. So I bought myself a copy of Lightroom6 and I was lucky! After I bought my copy Adobe announced the stop of production of hard copies of Lightroom and Photoshop in favour of subscription based App called Lightroom CC.

So now I had the camera, a few dissent lenses and a grate editing software.

Now the only problem is…What do I photo?!

Well how I glided in on that Banana Peal, that´s a story for another day ;-)