Well hang on all petrol heads because now we are going on a high octane high jinx that makes 90s EXTREAM!! “Michel Bay – Explosion marathon” look mediocre in comparison to Gävle Motormässa.  This was our SEMA – Show. Yes show cars indoors in the exhibition hall, but the real action was outside were the revs reach red-line and the tire smoke lay thick as “The Simpsons tire fire”. What the drivers showed without compromise was that high end Drift cars isn’t a exclusive club for Japanese imports… Especially when you Drift Like A Boss with cars like: Ford Capri, Volvo 745 station wagon, some old Opel and Sierra COSWERTH. Add two Evel Knievel stunt motorcyclists whose name is so Non-PC extreme that it literally is: “Superretards”.  Enjoy… I did.